Candice Leigh

Although I work primarily in print-based graphic design, I have always considered my true medium to be color and anything that it touches. I am endlessly inspired by the world around me and I find that being sensitive and embracing its little oddities, idiosyncrasies and beauty incites me with more ideas than I can even bring to fruition. That being said, I find myself designing on some level at nearly every waking (and often sleeping) moment. Most of the time I create work digitally but my boundless enthusiasm for art and design wends its way into all corners of my life and I am always keen to try something new.

I am especially interested in nature, science, music, travel and literature and love to incorporate my interests into my work. The common bond in all my work is aesthetics, particularly in regards to beauty and decoration slightly outside the cultural norm. I always strive for smart design. Design that is not only clever but also anticipates the needs of the user in a way that is pleasing and fresh. In all facets, I want my work to inspire happiness, curiosity, and creativity in others.

Thank you for stopping by today. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments or questions.

Candice Johnson

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